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Your StuDay wristband is worth a cultural fortune!

Culture voucher + StuDay wristband = a gift in October

StuDay marks the celebratory opening of this academic year. Though classes have started again it’s important to relax every once in a while as well. The cultural centres in Antwerp offer all students an extra warm welcome during the month of October.

The Culture vouchers can be seen as a gift on their own: for only 10 euros you can fulfil or explore your cultural wishes in seven different ways. On top of all this, the cultural centres in Antwerp will provide a special extra in October. Redeem a Cultural voucher of your choice, show your Studay wristband and receive your gift!

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra (deFilharmonie)
cc Berchemcc De Kerncc Deurnecc Ekerencc Merksem
co Elsschotco Luchtbalco Novaco Oude Badhuisco Permeke podiumco Stadsmagazijnco Sint-Andries
Vrijetijdscentrum De Schelde
De Roma
Het Bos
Cinema Zuid
Mayer van den Bergh
Stedelijke Openbare biblioheek
Vlaams Fruit

Haven't got your Culture vouchers yet? You can purchase and manage them here.
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