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These are the 5 most photogenic STUDY360 locations

Of course we all know that Antwerp is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But do your friends and family from your home country already know that? We've selected a few of the most photogenic STUDY360 locations, especially for you. This way you can send some amazing pictures of the prettiest views and the coolest interiors. And trust us, these locations are definitely postcard-material. 

1 Bourlaschouwburg  

When you step foot in the 19th century foyer of the Bourla, the high ceiling, red curtains and golden chandeliers will immediately make you feel like royalty. A very photographable location which will make your friends at home think you just became friends with King Filip. 

2 UrbanCity

At this cool office complex you won't find royal foyers, historical monuments, or art on the walls. But you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit their rooftop and find a spectacular view of Het Eilandje en the MAS. And as every true resident of Antwerp knows, a tourist pic of the MAS is essential. 

3 Telenet Flagshipstore 

The Telenet Flagshipstore on the most famous shopping streets of Antwerp has a lot more to offer than just fast internet. The first floor of the store really is #interiorgoals. The colourful carpet, glass doors and artsy lamps make you want to pay a visit to Ikea as soon as possible. Not just cool to show this to your friends and family, but also very Instagramworthy. 

4 Bosuil Stadium 

Pay attention, sports enthusiasts. Because now the holy ground of Royal Antwerp FC opens its doors for all Antwerp students. A unique opportunity to enter the stadium through the VIP entrance and to take a few awesome pictures of the stadium as a peaceful oasis. 

5 Nottebohm Room  

The Nottebohm Room, located in the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, might just be one of the most breath-taking places you have ever seen. This impressive library room is home to various masterpieces; from antique prints to recent publications. To catch a bit of this magic in a photo is not very hard when a place is this photogenic.