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STUDY360: five locations for break-lovers

Top five studylocations where you can put your syllabi aside (for a while) and relax


Aquafin provides a healthy surrounding to take a break: you can bike on the Geitepad or stroll in Park van Eeden. Walk to the (shops at) A12 when you want to get away from the nature and desire the fuss of the city.


In the leisure space of Nokia you’ll get a degree in pub sport in no time. A pooltable and darts are longing for your attention. Hungry students are welcome in Révo, the company restaurant.

Park Lane

Bring your bikini or shorts, because at Park Lane there’s a pool and jacuzzi are at your disposal. If you’re not that into swimming, you can use the state of the art fitness machines. A little chitchat with the inhabitants of the residential care centre is also an option.


Every Thursday PSA provides a yoga session for its employees and the students of Study 360. Train and stretch all the muscles in your body, and reach a ‘zen’ state of mind. Go for a snack at het Eilandje or go for a stroll in Park Spoor Noord.

Urban City

Table tennis is the best way to take a break: it’s not too exhausting but you’ll move your body more than enough. Smash all your study-frustrations in a million pieces. For the coffee-fans: at the fourth floor there’s a fancy student restaurant with plenty of caffeine.