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Find the venue you're searching for, at GATE15

Organise a cool party at Tarmac, coordinate a meeting in our Meet&Greet or feel like a professional entrepreneur at TAKEOFF: at GATE15, anything is possible. 

Are you looking for a suitable venue? GATE15 is here to help you out. We offer rentable venues to students and individuals which are guaranteed to satisfy all their wishes and demands. If you want to organise a party, workshop or just a cozy movienight, our Tarmac is the perfect place for you. This venue features sliding elements which allows you to arrange the room exactly how you want it. 

For those who are looking for a more quiet room, our Meet&Greet might be a perfect match. This room is ideal for a professional business meeting or to work hard on your group project in a super cozy atmosphere. It is also possible to use the beamer and projection screen free of charge. 

TAKEOFF is the place to be for the (future) entrepreneur. Do you feel like brainstorming, creative thinking and meeting up with other starting entrepreneurs to share your ideas? Then you should feel right at home at TAKEOFF. 

For more information about booking a venue click here or pay us a visit at GATE15.