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Download our Student Guide Antwerp app!

The electronic enthusiast may have noticed it in his app store: our Student Guide Antwerp app! But also the digital nitwits among us, can find further information about this useful tool in the sections below.

The digital version of our student guide comprises several city hotspots. For those who want to be inspired on an average gloomy Monday, this app takes you to the trendiest shopping addresses, the most delicious restaurants, cultural masterpieces and the city's secret places. However, also practical information about school and other student related matters is included. 

Are you new in town but do you have the worst sense of direction? The app has six city tours made for and by students that will take you all around Antwerp. From Hipster avenue 'Zuid' up to the City Centrum, solid footwear will be needed! 

Find our Student Guide Antwerp app in App Store or Google Play