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Gate15/Student council

Antwerp Student Council

Students in Antwerp have had an official say in city policy since 2003. Student representatives advise the city council via the Antwerp Student Council (Antwerps Studentenoverleg or ASO). Together with the city of Antwerp and 44 000 students, the Student Council works hard for a bustling college city.

The Antwerp Student Council comprises pf 17 representatives of the various colleges and the University of Antwerp. Delegates of the students’ fellowships and the students’ groups are also represented. The spokesperson is selected alternately from a college umbrella organisation and the VUAS (Verenigde UA-studenten).
The students who sit in the council also represent their supporters in other consultative bodies such as the urban youth council (stedelijke jeugdraad) and the governing board of vzw Antwerpen Studentenstad (GATE15). The students meet quarterly with the principal players in the student district.

Student spokeswoman academic year 2013-2014: Caroline Leys.

If you have any questions for the Antwerps Student Council, you can direct them to