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Working/Student job

About student jobs

Antwerp is a great city to study in and to expand your social life!  Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees and begging is illegal - you may want to consider a student job.

For everything about student work, look at

Most student jobs require a sound knowledge of Dutch. However a special section mentions jobs not requiring knowledge of the Dutch language. Ask for more information at the Social Service of your host institution, mentioning that you are an exchange student. Conditions may vary. For students from outside the EU and the new member states it might be more difficult to get a job since they need a work permit card.  

 The law specifies minimum wage rates for working students, which vary according to age.

Overtime is not always paid extra. Employers often compensate overtime with hours or days off. If you have more questions, dial +32 (0)3 213 78 10 and you will receive a free brochure (in Dutch or French).