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Work placement

A work placement is the perfect way of getting your first relevant work experience. It enriches your studies and builds self-confidence. And who knows, it may even lead to your first job. There are various types of traineeships.

A traineeship in the frame of your studies

The traineeship is imposed by your university (college) and is part of your training. In this case your education institution will provide a traineeship agreement to be signed between you, the employer and your education institution. Your education institution will take out insurance against occupational accidents.

A voluntary traineeship

While you cannot earn any study credits for a voluntary traineeship it looks good on your résumé.

Some education institutions will recognise voluntary traineeships when they fulfil a number of conditions. The advantage is that they then provide a traineeship contract and insurance. If you are considering a voluntary traineeship, contact your education institution. If your education institution does not intervene, the company where you will be doing your traineeship will insure you against occupational accidents.

Graduated? In principle you have enrolled until the end of September so you can still do a voluntary traineeship during the summer vacation with the support of your education institution.

Searching for a traineeship

Doing a work placement abroad