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Living/Living together

Collegial or collateral?

Student life means studying and having fun. The line between fun and hindrance/trouble is drawn below. If you don't abide by these regulations, you'll risk a fine which can be up to 350 euro. 


Only fools leave behind a trail of destruction. He or she will pay for the damage done and can expect a fine. Every instance of vandalism is brought before the office of the public prosecutor. He will decide whether you’ll be prosecuted with the risk of the owner suing you as well, or that you’ll be fined or sanctioned alone. Please respect other people’s belongings and city infrastructure.


Painting or tagging in public is illegal. If you get caught, you’ll have to pay a fine and the costs of restoring the damaged spot. If you have damaged a few spots, you’ will be brought to justice. It is possible that the owner of the property will sue you. Graffiti is allowed at a limited number of locations. You can find these here.

Graffiti or a tag on your façade? Can’t look past the posters mounted everywhere? The city council removes graffiti and stickers in public and private for free.

Public drunkenness

Public drunkenness is a penal offence. You could be put in jail by the police to sleep it off. Your file will be forwarded to the public prosecutor and if you’re lucky you'll just get a mark on your name. In other cases, if for example you disturb the peace, make excessive noise or engage in a brawl, the punishment will be more severe. 
Tip: drank too much? Walk home quietly and sleep it off. Don’t go about shouting, stumbling or vandalising. You won’t do anyone a service - certainly not yourself, your career or your wallet.

Spitting, vomiting, urinating and excessive noise at night

All of these activities are prohibited in public. Police and administrative officials can fine you up for this.
Important: Be a considerate neighbour and keep your decibels in check. Residents have every right to be annoyed. Respect the silence between 10 pm and 7 am. Also during the day you could get in trouble if you make too much noise.


Antwerp is generally safe, but nevertheless it is smart to take good care of your bank card, mobile phone, laptop or handbag.

If you do become a victim of pickpocketing, and the suspects are still around, call 101 and ask bystanders to help you if needed. In all other cases, report the crime to the police as soon as possible. If your bank card is stolen, immediately block your account via CARD-stop: dial 070 344 344. Important: attempted theft is punishable too. If, for example, someone has their hand in your handbag, but hasn’t stolen anything yet, ask bystanders to help restrain the thief and call 101.

Report theft of your mobile phone to the police and make the operator block your phone number. You’ll need the IMEI-number (15 digits – dial *#06# on your mobile Phone) and the SIM-card number (4 digits on the back of your SIM-card). Make sure you write these numbers down and keep them with you. Make sure the operator only blocks your phone number, as the police will need your IMEI to indentify and track down your mobile phone.