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Gate15/What do we do

What do we do?

GATE15 is a branch of the non-profit association Antwerpen Studentenstad. It is not merely a physical location but also a group of enthusiastic people who will serve as your guide to student life in Antwerp in every possible way.

Information desk for students

GATE15 provides practical information and can cater to your individual needs. All this via:

  • the information desk at GATE15
  • digital information via e-mail, website, e-newsletters
  • information guides such as Student Guide  (available at GATE15)

Housing policy for students

GATE15, the student facilities, and the city of Antwerp together founded the online databank Kotweb. This site is the result of an integrated student housing policy in Antwerp with:

  • quality improvement and quality control of existing student lodgings (by service Samenleven [Living Together]);
  • extension and dispersion of renovation and new-building projects (by service Stadsontwikkeling-Ruimtelijke Ordening [City development and environmental planning])
  • transparency in offer, rights and duties, standards and laws for (future) owners of student accommodation and student landlords respectively (by service Samenleven and  Kotweb/GATE15).

The site is seen and used as a reference:

  • as efficient and accessible search engine for decent and qualitative students’ accommodation;
  • as extensive and global information platform: all current information concerning legislation, standards and duties as landlord and tenant is explained on the site or reference is made towards the correct sources for finding the information.

Consultation and collaboration with students

The Antwerps Studentenoverleg (ASO) [Antwerp Student Consultation Board]

The Antwerps Studentenoverleg is composed of 17 representatives of all high schools and the University Antwerp. Students from the Board meet quarterly with the most important players from the student area. Student-related policy topics are always on the agenda. The representatives of the students - Via the ASO - give advice to the city.

The Student Editorial Board

GATE15 has a team of permanent student staff members who give independent advice concerning student projects. They constitute an independent editorial team in their own right, collaborate on information products and info-actions of GATE15, and share their experience as students in Antwerp via blogs.

Events for students


Every year GATE15 and their partners welcome all (new) students at StuDay. The opening festivities of the academic year get under way with music, sport, information and culture. Don't forget to mark the last Thursday of September in your agenda!


GATE15 wish to give graduated students in Antwerp an appropriate send-off, and escort them towards their first dwelling or work in the city. Adream is a pretty nice end-of-studies party, only for final year Antwerp students and their dates. Since 2011 it has been happening in the amazing location of the Antwerp Zoo.

Kick-off for Antwerp presidia

GATE15 invites all newly elected presidia on a yearly basis to gain information and to shed light on the mutual expectations. The Kick-off deals with the improvement of co-habitation of students and the permanent residents of the city. Immediately after, the new ragging and party charter is solemnly signed.​

Leisure-time offer for students

Culture vouchers

With culture vouchers, students can experience cultural events at super low prices. For just 10 Euro students can buy a unique booklet with seven cheques. These allow entrance to almost forty cultural centres and museums and include membership of the library.  (in collaboration with student facilities of the Higher Education Institutions)

Besides this, GATE15 support many more projects for students such as sportsticker...

Student support

GATE15 helps students and student’s unions on their way with event requests, and questions regarding funding and equipment.​

Student facilities

At the request of the students ,GATE15 provides all kinds of facilities in its brand-new location. Antwerp students can use these for free or at a student-friendly price:

  • computer space
  • students can log in for free on the Wi-Fi network
  • studying or working in the Tarmac (which you can book for all kinds of events)
  • free meeting facility for students 

GATE15 works with partners, the Antwerp Student Council, the city and the education institutions.