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Living/After you graduate

Finding a job

Graduated and ready to conquer the labour market? A thrilling search, and we will gladly help you.

Register as a jobseeker at VDAB

You can do this online. In the registration wizard list your knowledge, skills, and requirements. Otherwise you run the risk of the VDAB sending you job openings that do not match your profile. As soon as you have registered your vocational development, you are in the system (if you do not find a job one year after this date you are entitled to unemployment benefit).

Your new mission is to find interesting job openings. While registering with a number of temp agencies is a good move we recommend actively searching online for a job. In addition to the VDAB website you can also take a look at

Apply spontaneously

Why not send your résumé spontaneously to an employer? It shows that you are interested in the company but also demonstrates a sense of initiative. This means you will be one step ahead when there is a job opening that matches your profile. Research has shown that almost half of all the people who apply spontaneously are invited for an interview. So just do it!