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Living/After you graduate

Living - after you graduate

Have you graduated but are so attached to Antwerp that you never want to leave? Then rent your first apartment here! Here are some tips about renting your first home:

1. Try to make a proper estimate of the costs. If you are renting an apartment you need to take into account certain fixed charges like electricity, water, and Internet. You also need to take out insurance and the owner will often request two or three months’ rent for of a security deposit. Bearing all this in mind, you should probably calculate beforehand how much you can spend on rent every month.

2. Compare. Make several appointments with landlords so you can get a better idea of what you can rent for the price you have in mind. When visiting the studio/apartment/house look thoroughly: don’t forget to check the taps, the drains, the electricity box, and the number of wall sockets. Also explore the neighbourhood: is it easy to reach? Is there a lot of noise?

3. Read the rental contract carefully. When do you have to pay? What if you are late paying the rent? Can you have pets? Can you paint? Avoid unpleasant surprises and read the small print. If you are uncertain then have the woonkantoor check the contract for you.

But above all, don’t be deterred. There are also several advantages to moving to Antwerp:

  • you can park your car for free in the neighbourhood thanks to the resident’s card
  • you can take full advantage of what the city has to offer thanks to the A-kaart

Do you require further information about premiums and other grants? Then check or contact one of the Antwerp housing offices.